Business conditions

Delivery terms

Deliveries of subject matter (ordered goods) will be made in the shortest possible time according to the availability of the products and the operations of the seller. The delivery is announced by phone on confirmation of the order. The delivery time is max. within 14 days of the date of receipt of the deposit on the account or the hands of the seller. When delivering a shipment by a shipping company, it is advisable to provide a mobile phone number with your delivery address so that our staff can arrange with you at the exact time and place of delivery. The place of collection and the delivery method are determined based on the buyer's order. The order is made by email or by phone. The buyer must provide accurate information about the product requested to the seller by email or telephone. On the basis of this information, the seller will send an email to the buyer, which, if the buyer finds it to be a good one, can confirm by email in the following form: I certify the offer.

The seller will issue an advance invoice to the buyer, which will cost approximately 50% of the total amount of the ordered goods and will send it to the buyer by email. The seller will accept the order as binding on the part of the buyer after charging the specified amount from the advance invoice to the seller's account, and from that date also the delivery time for the ordered goods. The receipt of the advance invoice for the buyer will serve as a bank receipt for the transfer of the amount to the vendor's variable vendor account that the advance invoice will contain. The delivery of the subject matter of performance to the place specified in the oral agreement is considered to be the delivery. Transport to the destination is provided by the seller. The delivery of the goods always contains the delivery note, depending on the type of goods and the instructions for use of the product. Buyer is required to pay the difference between the total invoiced price and the advance invoice according to the binding order, which was confirmed by the confirmation email to the seller. The buyer undertakes to take over the ordered goods to sign the delivery note, to pay the invoice supplement. In the case of non-payment of the advance invoice before the import of the material or after the expiry of the 2-hour period of time, the goods will not be unloaded and will be returned to the seller. In this case, the seller reserves the right to refund the return ticket from the buyer of 0.40 € / km from the place of destination to the city of Malacky and any reservations by the buyer will be rejected. In the case of a repeated attempt to carry out the transport, the purchaser always bears in the said cases. In the event that a contact person or a 3 person authorized by him / her will not be charged at the pre-arranged spot at the correct time after the expiration of 30 minutes, you will be charged 5 € for each and every 15 minutes commenced. The buyer is obliged to ensure maximum interoperability when unloading the goods meaning: min. 2 persons on the material magazine, suitable place for material composition, suitable arrival and exit of a C motor vehicle to which the goods will be delivered.

The parties further agree that if the buyer does not remove the ordered goods in the agreed delivery period, the seller has the right to the purchaser to charge a storage fee of 5% of the agreed purchase price of the unassembled goods for each 14 days commenced. If the goods are not delivered within 30 days from the date of the first delivery date due to buyer's reasons, the buyer is obliged to pay the seller a penalty of the purchase price paid and if the purchase price was not paid in the amount of 75% of the purchase price ordered goods and the seller is entitled to withdraw from the Agreement and then offer the goods to a third person or to scam the goods. The seller is entitled to unilaterally offset the paid purchase price with a contractual fine as well as a claim for damages. The money obtained for scrapping is authorized by the seller to cover the costs associated with the storage and removal of goods to the scrapper.

If the carriage of the goods is done by the buyer's vehicle or by the vehicle purchased by the buyer, the buyer is obliged to arrange the vehicle for that purpose. A suitable vehicle is a vehicle for which the goods can be loaded from the side and whose dimensions of the loading area are adequate to the size of the ordered goods in order to minimize the likelihood of damage to the goods. In the case of such carriage, the seller is not responsible for any defects in the goods arising from the shipment and unloading of the goods.

The buyer is entitled to refuse delivery of the goods only in the case of obvious defects of goods constituting visible damage to the goods. Apparent defects are the buyer's obligation to apply to the seller as soon as the goods are delivered, otherwise his rights from obvious defects are extinguished and the goods are deemed to have been delivered without obvious defects.