LAMBDA 38 roof panel

The upgraded LAMBDA® 38 roof panel features several important enhancements compared to the version that has been produced so far, and the panel exhibits unusual flexibility in creating the look of the roofing.

Technical specification

Groove height: 38 mm
Effective Width: 490 mm; 283 mm
Overall width: ~522 mm; ~314 mm
Sheet thickness: 0,5-0,7 mm
Board length: 10 000 mm

Simple and versatile form with wide options for customizing parameters such as groove height, overall width and width of overlap or additional longitudinal overhangs. The rich stylish options of the roof can, depending on the type of the object and the material used, emphasize the traditional character or the modern look.

Due to the design of the roof panels, the so- "Waving" the sheets on the surface. It is natural for this type of product phenomenon.


Locks of the LAMBDA® L38 panels can be cut off, making it possible to bend into a gutter trim.

WARNING! When ordering a panel with a cut-out panel underneath the LW, the production system automatically adds 30 mm to the ordered panel length.


You can also order LAMBDA® L38 roofing panels with bending edge [LWZ codes] to increase the safety and speed of assembly. It also has a positive effect on the appearance of the cover (the cut edge is not visible).

Available overlays (height 1 mm):

Trapezoidal width. 58 mm
Trapezoidal width. 25 mm
Rounded overlay

Available overlays (height 1 mm):
Trapezoidal width. 58 mm
Double trapezoidal width. 25 mm
Double rounded overhang

Coating and colors