GAMMA® sheet metal roofing is a modern roofing that comes from traditional burned tiles. An important feature of GAMMA® sheet metal roofing is its symmetrical shape, which significantly simplifies assembly and, together with the profile height, adds an extraordinary aesthetic effect to the roof.

Technical specification

Effective Width: 1150 mm
Overall width: 1212 mm
Module length: 350 / 400 mm
Highest recommended strip length: 6020 mm
Sheet thickness: 0,5 mm
Profile height: 45 / 50 mm
Molding height: 25 / 30 mm
Weight: ~4,5 kg/m2

Sheet metal roofing GAMMA® is an extremely aesthetic product. The use of multiple elements, such as high overlay, interesting, symmetrical shape and wavelength, has made it possible to achieve exceptional visual effect.


Coatings and colors