BETA® is a series of sheet metal tiles designed specifically to deliver products with good utility properties while simultaneously pushing for economic factors. Therefore, BETA® sheet metal tiles are mainly offered for investment purposes and for customers who are mainly priced when choosing a product. Each order is made taking into account the dimensions of the individual roof areas so that the material loss is minimal.

BETA® have a unique wool shape that is a protected design of the company.

BLACHPROFIL 2®. It features symmetry that you do not care about with any competing products, which gives the roof the elegance and the roof covered with this product is characterized by a top aesthetic appearance.

Technical specification

Effective width: 1150 mm
Overall width: 1216 mm
Module length: 350 mm
Highest recommended strip length: 5750 mm
Sheet thickness: 0,5 mm
Profile height: 33,5 mm
Molding height: 15 mm
Weight: ~4,5 kg/m2


Coatings and colors