Roof drainage system 33/100

Zambelli's roof drainage system features stability, installation comfort and perfect shape. Components are manufactured on state-of-the-art production facilities and can only be combined with a few hints. Our strict quality management ensures that each product leaves our company in the best condition. We use only selected and tested materials. Signs of quality that can be seen at first glance. Our customers also benefit from our many years of craftsmanship in many ways. Product development also takes into account building conditions. In the case of assembly trainings or through product phone advice, we pass on our knowledge.


Substratuous semicircular trays 330 4m, 2m                     Lead pipe 100 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m


Tray hook with overlap 330                                              Tailgate hook for front mounting 330



Corner outside 330                                                                  Internal corner 330



Tailgate - high design 330                                                     Trough head with seal 330



Oval stack pressed 330/100                                                     Waterpump quadratic 100



Elbow 72 ° pressed 100                                                            Elbow skeleton 100



Branch pipe side 72 ° 100/100                                                  Lead pipe branch 72 ° 100/80    




Leakage pipe coupling 100                                                      Tailgate clutch including flange coupling 330



Tailgate 100 (Water Pump)                                                     Nut connection with nut for w. mandrel M10 100


Zambelli's roof drainage systems is available in all colors - ALL STOCK

Colorless galvanized